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Introducing noCodeJS - Hybrid Native and Progressive Web App Developer Suite

I have to say, good job guys on this, it seems promising.

Although after seeing the pricing I was a bit surprised. I think it is way off the chart, the starter plan is over priced and on top of that it has Hyperbuild branding which makes it unusable to be honest, not body wants to pay that sum and doesn’t have his branding on the app like splash screen…etc.


Agreed. Might have made more sense if the elements were ACTUALLY native and not just lookalikes.

Thanks @finango @marcusandrews @vascolucci for both the complimentary and constructive feedback. While we’d be happy to start another thread on pricing theory/strategies for SaaS applications, I think we’d all agree that the only thing that matters to you and other potential users is whether there is sufficient value received to justify the cost. If that isn’t your thought process, IMHO - it should be.

It also seems beneficial to provide some more color on the offering that we didn’t do a good enough job explaining in our original post.

Specifically, we DO have a large library of “native-only” components/features, in addition to our hybrid-native components, and plan to add more over time. @marcusandrews, what you’re referencing sounds like examples of a couple hybrid-native components.

However, just because we DO have native components, it doesn’t mean the hybrid-native components, or “lookalikes” as you’ve so lovingly described them :joy:, should be devalued in comparison. On the contrary, we think these components are just as valuable, if not more, as you’ll be able to deliver the native-like experience that users are expecting without having to build multiple separate apps or leave your Bubble editor to do it.

Respectfully, if you are already highly technical, have a team of super low-cost developers with the experience to handle Bubble cross-platform builds, deployments, and fixes, and aren’t valuing the time savings, noCodeJS may not be right for you.

But for the 99% of you that we don’t think this statement applies to, we are confident you will find more than enough value to justify the nominal subscription fee, if for no other reason than being able to execute on your idea in a fraction of the time. We’re willing to bet the Bubble community is business savvy enough to see the value and we hope you do too. Again, it’s free to try! :smiley:

@vascolucci @marcusandrews check out the updated custom loader comparison video. We realized our example video may be confusing. The only branding appears on the splash screen and icon, not inside the app, as seen in our video. We just happened to use our Companion App for the example which contains our logo. We better understand your comment to the extent the logo would appear inside the app. Hopefully this video is a better comparison showing the loaders on the Starter vs Premium plan. Also, we’re thinking about launching these two demos as Free Templates shortly. If that would bring you some value, please like this post.

Hi ,
I’m using your product on a trial plan for now , I see your point in having your branding part of the app , but if you add on the icon , this makes it very hard for us (at least for me) to use this plan and I have to upgrade to upper one to remove the branding at least form the logo.
Would it be possible to keep your branding only part of splash screen and not on the icon as well ?

@Hyperbuild_Labs is the pricing per app or you can use it for unlimited of apps?

I have upgraded your trust :slight_smile:


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@vascolucci our price is currently per Bubble app synced with noCodeJS. In other words, you could have a Bubble app called MyBubbleApp, and two pages of MobileApp1 and MobileApp2, and you would be billed for one app. We will be launching an agency plan shortly geared toward those that have multiple clients/apps. If you are an agency or are interested in a subscription with multiple apps, please DM us as we’re currently gathering feedback.

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I don’t think you understood. I don’t want my app to get rejected off the Apple App Store because I’m faking the native experience.

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This is a bug report, the Drag & Drop plugin made by bubble stopped working after installing the noCodeJS plugin. Uninstalled your plugin and the Drag & drop works again. is there a way to fix this?

@vascolucci Thanks, this sounds like potentially a conflict of some resource both plugins are utilizing. In general, please send bug reports inside your Hyperbuild portal so we can address your specific issues.

Drop us a message there and please mention what Bubble App & Page Name are being used.

@marcusandrews We’re here to help amigo :slightly_smiling_face:. I think what you were trying to ask was whether we had considered the following question, which is a good one:

“how will we account for app store submissions when some have been rejected in the past for deploying wrapped webviews below Apple’s standards”?

It is true that apps have been rejected for simply wrapping a website and attempting to deploy in Apple’s App Store (and Google’s, but Apple is notably more strict). App store guidelines are set up to restrict low quality apps; and a human is ultimately the one who approves or rejects an app submission relative to their interpretation of a quality native experience.

Specifically, the official Apple guidelines state:

“Your app should include features, content, and UI that elevate it beyond a repackaged website. If your app is not particularly useful, unique, or ‘app-like,’ it doesn’t belong on the App Store.”

As long as your are building a quality App experience (not a simple website) and are accessing native features (which noCodeJS facilitates), you shouldn’t have issues with App Store approval. Again, the ultimate decision is Apple’s but we have no current indication that apps taking our suggested approach are less likely to be approved. This is the same approach taken by other enterprise-focused low-code platforms, as well as many large companies.

Also, if you don’t have any explicit need for native features or to be in the App Store, a PWA may be a better route for your mobile experience, which we also support with our native-feel components (and manifest, service worker, etc.)

Hope that helps alleviate your concerns. If you have further questions, please feel free to send us a message in your Hyperbuild portal. Look forward to seeing what you create! :smiley:

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@NigelG Thanks so much. We appreciate the trust! :slight_smile: Looking forward to your feedback. :muscle:

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@Hyperbuild_Labs, I have encountered an issue and I downloaded the hyperbuild companion from my android phone. After switching the “App Plan” in bubble from Hobby to Agency, unable to see the main page ( Only white screen page show) and trying to choose the option “Stay on this page” keeps onloading. Can you help me how to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.

Responded to you in intercom :slight_smile:

@Hyperbuild_Labs I have signed up for a trial but I can’t find a PWA maker at all . Has that been deprecated?

@MrMaker thanks for signing up! We released an updated UI and feature set related to our PWA offering and have been slow to update our documentation, unfortunately. Once you’ve created an app, select Manage App and it should be pretty easy to figure out from there. Check out our post here as well with some more info. New: PWA plugin now available, FREE mobile templates

Hi @Hyperbuild_Labs,

I tried to contact you on Intercom but I didn’t get any reply.

I am currently testing your plugin and so far I like it :slight_smile: It feels real when starting with a new Native App page but I have a few questions:

How do I use Geo-localization in native app? I don’t see any geolocation function in your plugin. In fact when I installed Basic Native Features Plugin, where I should have found this geolocation, it seems that the name changed to Mobile Toolkit.

How do you use HB Mobile Modal? What is it for? (Don’t see any tutorial on it!)

Do you offer IAP plugin for the Apple Store? I currently have Stripe installed on my app but I don’t think it will be accepted by the Apple store or can I put a link in the app to go to the Website application to proceed with Stripe payment?

How do you use the Biometric features?

You have some Input forms that can be used such as HB mobile select to build a form but is there a difference with the original input forms from Bubble (Bubble Dropdown)? All my forms are using the bubble original Input Forms, will this not show as native if I don’t use yours?

Thank you

Is this project dead?

I’m also trying to reach out to their support and no response for last few days.
I developed my app on their solution and now I’m close to commercial launch and no response from them
Quite frustrating to rebuild the whole thing using a different solution.
I hope they are still in business , if not I hope they at least inform users who are currently spending time and efforts with their solution so they can find an alternative way.