🔍 Introducing Scious Search: solve instant search once and for all

I really appreciate your feedback Drixxon! Been such a pleasure developing this and seeing it get used in applications like yours :slight_smile:

To share a more general update - while still technically in Beta, Scious Search is being used in production by roughly a dozen users. I haven’t exited it from the Beta designation only because I’ve been focusing on releasing Bask, a VS Code extension that will help me (and others) develop high quality plugins.

While I have dedicated time to create Bask, I want to emphasize this has been in service of formally launching Scious Search - so I can work on it without the typical frustration of plugin development. I will continue to address issues that arise during the beta, as I have been, and look forward to releasing Scious Search to the marketplace as soon as possible. Thank you everyone!!