🔍 Introducing Scious Search: solve instant search once and for all

Hey Jared :slight_smile: Glad to see your interest.

Another Bubble user just asked me for details on Scious Search so, given your interest, I’m going to share my response to him. Just let me know if I didn’t cover something you wanted to know.

What is the integration experience?
I would recommend you see our docs for a feel on this. Notably, you’ll want to review our getting started and Search element / filtering section. Just like the first time you worked with Bubble’s native search, there is going to be a learning curve to using Scious Search. That said, all of our users have been able to learn it mostly on their own by reading our docs and referring to our demo editor. We have lots of example integrations.

What sort of support do you provide?
Please see here for details. I’ll emphasize that our optional $100 per month Service Level Agreement comes with error resolution guarantees so if you ever experience an issue, we’ll have it fixed or provide a workaround within 4 hours (for the most severe of issues).

How stable is Scious Search?
While still officially in Beta, Scious Search is already production ready and has been for at least half a year. We have over a dozen companies around the world using Scious Search, some for nearly a year and a half at this point. See this and this other review from some of my earliest adopters. Only reason we’re not officially out of Beta / on the marketplace is because I’ve been developing a VS Code Extension to streamline Bubble plugin development, which will help me add search recommendations to Scious Search.

Does it filter and sort?
Yes, we have sorting and very robust filtering capabilities. See here for details. The big thing to be aware of is that no search plugin today (including ours) is directly able search / filter on nested field constraints (i.e. filter all org records who’s list of admin users firstnameis John). But we have workarounds for that sort of thing.

How can I implement search record personalization?
Out of the box, Scious Search can sort search results by any custom relevance score you’ve pre-calculated. That said, we don’t yet have an explicit personalization capability just yet (something like Algolia’s Recommend). It’s on our roadmap.

I’d just like to remind that our plugin comes with a 10 day free trial. After that, our API keys are charged $9/month or $85 annually. If that sounds compelling, please let me know and I can share next steps to get started. Thank you :slight_smile: