🎊[New Plugin] - Search for dropdown

Hey, guys,

I just published the “Search for dropdown” plugin. Search for dropdown is a simple plugin that creates a Dropdown element so that when the user interacts with this element to choose a value, a search field is triggered so that the user can quickly search for the desired value.

The plugin has a simple and easy way to apply it and in a few seconds everything will work perfectly

Demo: https://acampamentonocode-plugins.bubbleapps.io/version-test/search_for_dropdown (Editor is public)


Cool plugin but seem to be complex to add a shape element to replace it by your dropdown while it could be done in your plugin directly

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Thank you very much @Jici !

The value of the options are provided right in my plugin. I put one dropdown next to the other just for comparison.

You don’t need to put the bubble dropdown for it to work.

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I’m talking about creating a shape and providing a Attribute ID to the plugin while this can be done using instance canvas in your plugin. This make your plugin easier to use for your user :wink:

A few tips too.
I made the same mistake, but avoid to make your testing app, the app to show your plugins. I started to move all of mine into a new app that will not be slow down by testing mode plugins :wink:

Avoid using the Shared header if possible (this is the case for your plugin). This shared header will be added to all pages of an app even if the plugin element is not on the page. Better to use element header instead.

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