New Plugin: Dropdown Select


We have just released a new plugin with Dropdown Select element! It allows you to integrate a customizable dropdown select into your project. Have a look on examples to see, what you can achieve here !

Just search for the Dropdown Select plugin and add it to your Bubble app.

Demo / Instructions:
Plugin page:

We have been working hard to make it functional and highly customizable, but you can do even more with the help of css / js toolboxes available on Bubble. And of course, you can just contact us for further development ideas as there is always a room for improvement.

Please send any questions, issues, or suggestions to or reply to this thread!

Have a nice day!

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Amazing plugin !

There are many styling option ! I will definitely look forward for this !

I got one question : Is it possible to use a nested data type to label my option ? Ex: I have a bubble list of type stores and in this list i have a field of type information witch is linked to another list with the field name of type text. How can i label the stores with the field name of the other list ?


Hello @mikhov.ivan

The plugin looks promising.

How does the search perform in loads of records?

Does it have same workflow triggers as the Bubble´s dropdown plugin?

And why do you say “There is a lot to improve and we continue working on the plugin. Please, use JS / CSS toolbox for Bubble, if something is missing yet.”

What do you mean by this? Is this plugin missing something?

Thanks a lot.

Hello @ryanck, thanks for your interest!

We have created the examples on the demo page on what to expect from the current version. Still, there are a lot of creative custom-code designs of the select dropdowns out there, and unfortunately, not all of them you can now implement on Bubble with our plugin.

So, regarding the missing parts, I would think, for example, of custom icons for dynamic select options, search icon next to the search input, more customizations for the dropdown block (like custom margins). We want to bring all this variety, which you can achieve with custom-code development to no-code.

Of course, if you have some JS / CSS experience, more things can be achieved with toolboxes, but it would not be a complete ‘no-code’ as you see. In this sense, we still have to work on the plugin. On the other hand, there is already a lot of customization possible, and it makes sense to make it available for Bubblers as we see it. Hope this states it clearly.

Regarding loads of data, sorry not to provide this info on the demo page. You can expect the following (bear in mind the minimal Bubble server configuration on a personal plan, the plugin utilizes a Search for … clause for dynamic options):

  • No delay for 1k+ options in a dropdown for both static and dynamic data.
  • Approx. 5 sec delay for 5k+ options on initial dropdown open, ~2 sec delay on consequent opens.
  • Approx. 10 sec delay for 10k+ options on initial dropdown open, ~4 sec delay on consequent opens.
  • After the dropdown is opened, minor to no delay for filter on search up to 10k+ options

The preloader is not yet provided in the current version. Would be nice to know the real use case of yours to consider it for lots of options support.

Thanks again, have a nice evening.

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Hey Ivan,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Is it possible to test before buying it?

Have a good day.

Hello @ryanck ! There is a monthly option for the subscription to play around with the plugin, but there is no free option though. We hope the demo page can give a good idea of what to expect. Thanks for your feedback and have a nice day!

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Hey @mikhov.ivan

Does it work with the new responsive engine?

Thanks a lot man :slight_smile:.

Hey @mikhov.ivan

Any updates on your plugin?

Thanks a lot.

Love this, very clean, congrats @mikhov.ivan - are you thinking of using the same approach for a multi-dropdown as well?


Hello, thanks a lot. Yep, this is an actual to-do for this plugin :slight_smile:


Hey @mikhov.ivan

Any updates on the plugin?

It´s not working on popups either.

Thanks a lot.

For popup, I suggest to hide the plugin until parent element is visble. In most case, this known plugin issue is fixed.

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