Introducing the magnificent "Amazing Mention Tag" plugin, here before your very eyes!

Hey @Efe - cool plugin.

Subscribed to test it out and have run into a few issues:

When I try to post a comment with a mention, the resulting text will either:

  1. Appear for a correctly moment and disappear
  2. Appear correctly for a moment and then revert to a previously entered value

Recording 2023-12-07 at 21.49.15

This unfortunately makes this plugin unusable in my case and I’m quite surprised I haven’t seen this mentioned above… maybe I missed it.

Here’s how I’ve set things up:

Workflows on the post button:

I can only assume the Customize Mention Text action is not firing in time to be consumed by the create comment action, I’ve tried to add pauses with no luck.

Another small annoyance is that this plugin seems to make Bubble completely ignore the reset inputs action at the end of this worflow, which was working fine before I added this plugin. (you can see this in the capture)

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for you help here.

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Hello @tmxl,

I’m glad to hear that you like the Amazing Mention Tag.

The property definitions in the Mention Element look correct.

In the workflow screenshot you shared, I see that in step 1, you’re running the “Customize” action, and in step 2, the “Create a new thing” action. The problem might be arising here, and it seems you might have thought the same. To overcome this, in the relevant event, only run the “Customize” action. When this is executed, the “A Mention - Inputs Mention Text Customized” event will be triggered. You can then run the “Create a new thing” and other actions with this event. Here is a sample screenshot:


The working principle of “Reset relevant inputs” is as follows: It resets the values of inputs used in the actions preceding it. In your case, you are creating data using a state of the “Mention” element. Had you created it using the value of an input, it would have been reset. Therefore, what needs to be done here is to store the value of the relevant input somewhere. You can do this via a custom state. Create a new custom state and assign the value of the relevant input to this custom state right after the “Customize mention text” action. Then, run the “reset” action.

Please let me know if these steps resolve your issue after you have tried them.

Efe, Kodsuz

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Thanks a lot for the detailed reply @Efe

This method works and tends to be more reliable, however if I fire off comments in quick succession I’m still getting the issue where the previous value is posted. This is a bit of an edge case, but this kind of robustness is a big deal for my app.

I’ve moved to incorporate @Thimo’s great Modern Rich Text Editor plugin instead, as it provides a mention system along with other features I was looking for.


I’ll miss the avatars that yours provides, but I’ll live with it :sweat_smile:

It’s not my intention to pull people away from this plugin by the way - I’m sure this will fit most people’s use cases - but wanted to share my experience in case someone stumbles across this post and is looking for a the same solution I am.

All the best with improving your plugin and thanks again for the help!


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Thanks @tmxl,

Of course, go with what works best for your needs. Thank you for your awesome feedbacks! :heart_hands:


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Hey @Efe ,

Is there any way to allow users to actually edit a comment, for instance, they’ve created using mentions? After said comment has been created, and they come back to the page to edit that comment, is there any way to detect the mentioned users in the original comment again + any removed/added mentions?

This would be needed to save which users are mentioned in the comment when saved subsequent times - the difference from the base/initial use case is that they will not be using the mentions selector to re-select previously added mentions, but we still need to account for whether they have been removed or not from the original comment.


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Hello @jgh3,

You’ve touched upon an important aspect. Although the current version of the plugin does not have this function, I want to let you know that we are considering adding it to our roadmap. If we release an update regarding this development, I will make sure to keep you informed.

Thank you for your feedback,

Hey @Efe
Amazing plugin indeed :slight_smile:
I was wondering if you could make the symbol to trigger the plugin customizable i.e, not just @ but also #, +, / , etc (The symbols could be in a list for one to select)
Additionally, I was also interested in making the different symbols trigger different lists of other data types even in the same input, especially the rich text editor