Introducing Usercard

Hello Bubblers!

I am so excited (really, jumping up and down) to share my site, Usercard, with you. It’s an idea I’ve had for over 2 years now, and only until I found Bubble, was I able to make it a complete reality. I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had building this site. Usercard is a directory for social network usernames. It’s currently in a “feedback release,” and as fellow Bubble builders, I would really love to get your input on site functionality. There are still a few things under construction and a handful of features still to come, but I finally feel it is ready to go live for users to start creating accounts.

Check it out at



Can we put that on our homepage? Really!!

Yes yes yes yes

Can you email and i’ll tell you what we need?


Nice job @romanmg it looks awesome!

Thank you!

Awesome idea, and great app!

Some feedback:

  • Why use a .org?
  • I had difficult in finding the sign up button
  • Great way to ask to sign up the newsletter!
  • I used Facebook and Google +, it worked as expected
  • I’m not listed … yet

I see you on there, @csfalcao . You do come up in search when I type in your name. Let me know if you’re still having trouble.

Thanks so much for this feedback. Super helpful.

The .org is purely because I can’t buy the .com right now. Ha. Hopefully very very soon, but someone has it and it’s under an auction. I do hope to get it for myself and make the switch.

Also good to know about sign up button. I’ll think about making it a little more prominent. Thank you!!

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Nice. I feel inspired. Many thanks

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Very nice Gaby!

I would prefer to be able to click on the images and be taken to the card, instead of having to click on the “View Card” button.

Should the usernames on the usercard link to the website/profile for the username? It isn’t for the ones I looked at.

The only area on a username that is clickable is the icon. It would be nice if the entire container was clickable and linked to the website/profile.

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Its a good idea and a nice design. Kind of a dark background, would be cool if it would turn light during the day and turn into the current color during night time .

Thanks so much for the feedback. You’re not the first to mention wanting to click the image to be taken to the card. I agree, and will definitely be implementing that update.

Also, the majority of networks should create a link with the username that leads to the profile. If you create your own card, it should work for you for most of the major networks. Your note though did help me catch a broken data connection for cards that I’m adding myself to feature - it wasn’t creating the links for those, so thank you for that.

Good call on the entire username container being the clickable item. Makes sense, like the photo.

This is why I need you people. THANK YOU!

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Very interesting thought. Had not considered this at all. How would one even accomplish a subtle change like that? I’ve heard of software like f.lux, but how could that be done here?

You could put a light/dark setting, and present it at the welcome screen

Oh, I see, just as a static theme preference. I do think going with a dark theme full-time is kind of bold, and likely polarizing for some, though I love dark and wanted to get away from all the pure white sites. A light theme could be offered down the line though…


I liked the dark theme too. Spotlight uses it too.

Awesome work !

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Nice site. I like the design.

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Thanks, everyone. Means a lot.

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