New Course: Build a Complete Web Application with Bubble

This one is for the attention of anyone new to Bubble and looking to learn

Hi All,

Over the summer, I created a beginner level Bubble online video course for a small group of teenagers. It was very successful in terms of the knowledge gained by the teenagers, who ranged in age from 12 to 17. On the course I taught them how to build an application from beginning to end and at the end of the course, all of them were able to go on and extend their versions of the application in different ways and a couple of them have started to create their own applications for school projects etc. That was proof enough for me that the course actually worked - it turned them into Bubble developers.

Inspired by this small success, I have decided to repackage and extend the course into a beginner to intermediate-level course for anyone who is interested in learning Bubble. I realise that at this point there are many courses available for Bubble, some better than others and some more expensive than others, but I figure the more choice the better, for people to choose from.

On the course, which I have very originally named “Build a Complete Web Application without Code”, I build an application called “Stuff we Like” from start to finish, beginning with just a few mock-ups and ending with a completed application with features such as creating, viewing, editing and deleting posts, liking and commenting on posts, bookmarking posts, fetching data from external sources (OMDB and Google Books) etc.

In building the app, we cover most of the standard and obvious Bubble features and elements but I also make sure to use some intermediate-level features like:

  • Custom States
  • The API Connector
  • Plugins
  • Simple reusable elements
  • Basic responsive design

In addition to the main app we build on the course, I spend some time providing tips and a useful technique on how to organise data, using some mini, throw-away apps and how to create a page template for your app’s pages etc. I conclude by introducing some more advanced Bubble topics and where to get more information on them.

All in all, I feel confident in saying that it is a useful course for anyone looking to learn Bubble - simply put, if you take the course and build along with me then at the end of the course, you should know Bubble to the point where you can build your own applications. After all, if those teenagers could do it, so can you.

You can see the full course curriculum here. The course is launching at just $199 but as a kind of pay-it-forward gesture, I am offering a 40% discount to the first 10 people who DM me here on the forum requesting one.


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