Ipstack - free plugin to locate and identify website visitors by IP address

With this ipstack plugin, you can retrieve plenty of meaningful information about your users based on their IP address.

Sample use cases:

  • As a signal for limiting results in a repeating group to a specific region
  • Setting the approximate map marker
  • Making inferences about a user’s preferred language or calling codes
  • See if a user is in an EU based country

Helpful links:

Note: the initial version of this plugin works in conjunction with the ipiphy plugin (created by Bubble) for pulling the user’s correct IP address. (The ipstack API call for this returns (I believe) an API address associated with Bubble’s server, not the user’s IP address; I’ll update once I have a fix).

For a preview of the data you can get:

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 120+ great Bubble tutorials + on-demand coaching for Bubble).


Hey! I was looking at the ipstack pricing. What does it mean in this case if there is no SSL support?

I’d venture that the free tier will handle most Bubble users needs. For the use cases of this plugin, the SSL support shouldn’t have any impact.

If you move to a paid plan, you can copy the plugin code to have the URLs use https:// instead of http://

From the documentation:

Connecting via HTTPS
All premium subscription plans available for the ipstack API come with support for 256-bit SSL encryption. To connect to the API via HTTPS, simply use the https protocol instead of standard http .

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Just a question, the API has been set to be used as Data and not Action, how would you perform workflow actions based on the data and how do you know the current user’s ip? In the video below I can see the option to get the User’s IP, but it’s not there now.

hey @dan1, thanks so much for your plugin!

i’m experiencing some odd behavior- zip and city give me different results, also displaying a result in text is different than writing the same api call to the database. hrmmmm. any ideas?

Thanks for taking the time to make this plugin, Dan. It’s excellent!

Thanks for this @dan1. I am experiencing the same as @sorensong, I can’t get to write the correct location data in the database. It is returning Portland Oregon.
Any suggestion ?