Is it possible to build an interactive map with Bubble?

Hi all,

I learned about Bubble just a few days ago and am excited to join the community and hopefully build some cool apps! I’m interested in building an interactive map, similar to this:

Users would need to be able to:

  1. login
  2. select a pre-marked location on the map
  3. Indicate that they would like to perform an action at that location

From your experience, would this be possible using Bubble?

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Welcome to Bubble.

Yes, that is entirely possible in Bubble. Maps with dynamic markers are easy, and you can display data when you click on a marker in various ways.


Hey @NigelG - thanks for the confirmation. After I posted this I started on the interactive lessons and the first one was to create a map app…

Glad to know dynamic markers are easy and that it’s possible to display data.

Thank you, looking forward to learning and being part of the community!


Hello, which interactive lessons are you talking about? I’ve been looking for some specific tutorials and couldn’t find any relevant information. I’d be very glad if you could link me to those tutorials you were talking about…

Thanks in advance

Hey @batshevabracha - the interactive lessons are located here:

Hope that helps!

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Hi guys. I know I’m almost one year late on this discussion, but I still didn’t manage to create an interactive map in bubble.

I did set the markers as the Lessons tought me, but they are regular markers of Google Maps, they are not interactive. I want to be able to play an audio or a video when the users clicks on the marker.

How can I do that?


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Action workflow play audio when map A’s marker is {ADDRESS}

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I am not sure what this means "action workflow play audio when map A’s marker is address. It makes logical sense but not sure how to implement.

I have this but i can’t figure out what to add specifically to make this work. When you click the marker on map its supposed to bring up the data from our database that matches that location, into the group.

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I think you’ll need at least a couple things:

First, you’ll probably need a plugin to play audio or video. I think there’s at least one audio plugin available for free in the marketplace. Just search for “audio”.

Second, you’ll need to create a workflow that responds to a map marker click. In that workflow, you play the audio file.


I think you’ll want to implement a workflow that handles the marker click event. See my other response. You can also display information overlaid onto the map within a popup that appears when the marker is clicked.

Hi Nigel - I’d love to learn more about how to build an interractive map. I’m trying to create a similar map as Yelp where when you hover over the marker it displays a thumbnail of that place. How do I do that?

Not going to be possible on hover I don’t think. And the map “legend” doesn’t really like images.

What you can do is use the “on marker click” and a) set the marker to be the centre of the map, show a thumbnail over the top of the map.

Obviously you would have different images :slight_smile:

thank you sir