Is it possible to export your Bubble Made App to a different or multiple servers?

I know many Bubblers have complained about the performance of Bubble one the server. Is it possible to export Bubble’s code to another server? This may solve some of the slow performance that Bubble currently causes.

I was reading about how Facebook and Twitter use multiple servers so I think it would help performance if Bubblers had the option to export their app to multiple servers.

I also think its interesting to see what Mastadon is doing, with every user having the option to run their own server off of their computer.

This is what the dedicated plan does, but right now, there’s way to run your app outside of Bubble-managed infrastructure.

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Bubble can set you app up on one or many servers. They use Amazon for this so the servers aren’t the problem with performance.

It’s true that some people’s apps are slow because they have too little capacity for their app. Adding enough capacity would speed these apps up, but having extra server capacity wouldn’t speed things up at all. So, more server’s are only the solution is that’s the bottleneck, but Bubble has designed their architecture so that doesn’t seem to be a bottleneck.

In general, it’s just hard to make everything about an app fast, especially as you have more concurrent users and a larger database. For our apps to be fast, we need Bubble’s code/architecture to be fast and also our own Bubble code and app architecture to be designed so that it’s fast.

Companies like Facebook and Twitter have thousands of people working on these types of engineering problems so of course their solutions are going to be a bit better/faster than a small team can do, but of course the good news is none of us have to pay the same amounts of money that Facebook and Twitter have to for our apps.