Potential problem with bubble? What are the potential problems that can hinder Scaling our app?

Using API, Plugins…etc

=> What problems may appear while operating fully functioning app?
=> Security issues? Speed Issues? ( Is it really

Everything :wink: no one expected covid will shutdown the whole world for 6 month, expect everything:

But bubble has limitations only with Design

You always can deploy your app to AWS that is closer to you.

You can add Javascript so you can do there pretty much everything.

The file management system is very primitive. You can’t bulk delete or export files, or make them private after you’ve already uploaded them.

Hard to say, you rarely, if ever, hear from big apps if they don’t have any trouble.

The ones I’ve come across on the forum tends to have run into speed issues when scaling.
I believe some headliner apps have either moved from bubble to a proprietary solution or
are using bubble for database only and front end has been moved off bubble. This is all
based on what I’ve picked up on the forum and may or may not reflect the reality.

Having said that, I don’t know why these big apps have chosen to go they way the have. But I can also see that being a natural step when you reach a certain stage. I wouldn’t expect Craigslist to run on a bubble-ish service today.

An somewhat interesting sidenote on scaling and speed. It tends to divide users into two camps. The people with +20.000 users who are experiencing speed issues, and the people who claim that the former group is simply using bubble wrong. The interesting bit being, I have yet to see anyone in the “you’re using it wrong” group put their money where their mouth is and provide a +20k user app they themselves run without speed issues. Make of that what you will :slight_smile:

From my perspective, I would worry about downtime and lack of control. With hundreds of thousand of users I would not want to risk the somewhat spotty uptime record of bubble. And I would be very concerned about bubble breaking/bugs that filters down to your users, and you have no control or ability to resolve it. You would simply have to wait for Bubble to make a decision on whether it’s a priority for Bubble’s overall user base, and not your user base.

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I got it, thanks. I’ve know we have to use only Bubble’s Server(whether it’s on AWS) Can we privately host on another server? or is it just capable to AWS? I’m confused :confused:

Thanks for your reply!

Thank you for your kined response, it makes everything clear. Still I have some questions…:slight_smile:

  1. What’s the approximate user/page visit per day that meets limit?
  2. How often does Bubble have Error?


Thanks, do you mean file uploading to the DB or to the app itself?
There are ‘bulk import/export’ in DB, can you explain more? :slightly_smiling_face:

The file manager is separate from the database. Click on the file manager tab and you will see less options than the database tab.

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You can have a look here for uptime history.

I don’t actually know what the daily limits are, or how it works. There might be detailed information about it somewhere that I just haven’t found. And I can’t make heads or tails of the usage graphs either. They make no sense to me, and I’m still hoping for Bubble to make a blogpost or video explaining them in detail. It seems like very few people if anyone really understands them?

Either way, I think usage limits are based on how much you pay for your monthly plan.

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I got it, and is it also true that we can move the server on certain paid plan? Thanks;)