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Is there a character limit in the Bubble Rich Text Editor?

I have just over 3500 characters and it is taking 15-20 seconds for my typing to appear. In addition to that, it locks up my site for that time so the user can’t do anything.

Is there a character limit? Or better yet, is there a better RTE I should be using? Which RTE is the one that is used to create forum posts?


Hello, Josh,

Thanks for the post! No firm character limit on our RTE, but its performance can be degraded for larger texts, which is something that our team is currently working on addressing. We’ll let the community know as soon as those improvements are live!

Thanks for the quick response and update!

I know how difficult it is to make commitments and prioritize new features, but to manage our expectations, is this fix something that we can expect in the short, medium, or long term?

Also, is the RTE used in this forum a completely different RTE than the RTE plugin? Curious because there weren’t any performance issues when I copied and pasted my 3500+ character text into this one.


Hello, Josh,

The timeline is still taking shape, though it is actively in progress! If you would like to show your support for it, you might upvote it on our Ideaboard, which our product team keeps a close eye on to see which features are most important to our users and influence the roadmap accordingly.

This forum is on Discourse, so could account for the difference there. Let us know if you have any more questions!

I actually dove into this with my team - After reviewing the code and testing, it looks like it’s the BBCode converter that was hanging up on large amounts of text (it’s a big function…understandable though since it has quite a job to do!). Bubble’s trying to make a more user friendly editor by auto-converting formats, from what we could tell. However, it appears to have an effect on the overhead since it has to do converting in real time… and it’s a heck of a function. Works well!! Just a bit slow though w/ larger text.

Some text editors I’ve seen have logical gates for the type of content (Rich Content, Text, HTML) - Like @guarav’s BDK Editor (the gold standard, in my opinion). From what I could tell, this allows for less overhead since if you choose HTML as your type of content, it foregoes the conversions, thus a much faster experience. Less forgiving than Bubble’s though as you have to force the content type… Can’t throw BBCode into HTML. Whereas in Bubbles, you can.

Just my 2 cents on the matter, I am no expert by any means. @hofst038 @jess

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Nice sleuthing! Glad to hear this is working well for you now. Appreciate the 2 cents as well; will share that with the team.