Is there a problem with creating a double account and linking them together?

I am currently using BUBBLE to sell my digital content, and in the future I plan to use the Cordless Academy plugin to publish to the “app store” and the “Google Play Store”.

However, there is a problem. The “app store” charges a 30% commission for the sale of digital content.

So, I am thinking of making the content I sell available for purchase on the web app, and the purchased content can be viewed on the native app.

It’s like Netflix or KINDLE.

And I am using a social networking login to register for the web app, which is a Japanese messenger app called LINE.

It is a very useful application with over 80% penetration in Japan.

I adopted it because sending messages through LINE has many times higher open rates than sending messages through regular e-mail.

However, there is one problem.

LINE Login works fine in the web app, but not in the native apps published in the “app store” and “Google Play Store”.

It seems that in order to publish BUBBLE as a native app to the “app store” and “Google Play Store”, the webview method is used, and LINE Login does not seem to work in webview.

So, currently, users have to create an account using LINE Login in my web app, purchase something, and then create a new account in the native app with their email address and password.

The user would be confused: in the web app, they would create an account using their LINE login, and in the native app, they would create an account with their email address and password.

I came up with the attached image to solve this problem.

This method uses the LINE ID that can be obtained from LINE to forcefully implement LINE Login in the native apps.

This method creates a double account, but the user can only use LINE Login.

Are there any serious problems with this method?

I was concerned and asked.

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