Is there a way to copy a database of a user?


I’m currently building an application site for my community and I’m trying to make it currently where if someone’s application gets denied that can reapply again in 14 days but I don’t want it to clear their last application and I want admins to be able to view their past applications. With that being said I was wondering if there is a way to copy that user’s data and I can make it show back when I get that setup. I’m still new to Bubble so any help would be appreciated also sorry for any stress I may cause as I still don’t understand somethings with Bubble.

I would like to be able to copy all this information over

Hi there, @brennanlgaming… if you want to keep past applications, I would suggest that you move most of those fields from the User data type into a new data type called Application. If you go that route, you could create a new thing in the Application data type every time a user reapplies, and you could prepopulate the new application with info from the user’s most recent application. You would also have easy access to all of a user’s past applications by searching the Application data type for applications that are associated with that user (or you could store a list of past applications in a field on the User data type).

Any of that make sense? Hope it helps.



So I set up the application category I’m a little confused on the rest of the steps you mentioned but I do have this category setup

Well, that was the easy part. :slight_smile:

How much do you know about workflows and conditionals? Without a solid understanding of the basics, it will be difficult to make progress, so I definitely recommend going through Bubble’s tutorials if you haven’t done so already.

That being said, I put together a simple example to try to help you get going. As I mentioned in my initial response, I would likely add a field to the User data type to hold a list of a user’s past applications…


When an application is submitted, you create a new thing in the Application data type and you set all of the appropriate fields, but you only create the thing when the user’s last application’s next allowed app date is less than the current date/time…


If the condition above is not true, the application won’t be created, and you could show an alert or something…


The final step in the workflow is to make changes to the current user and add the application created in step one (assuming an application was able to be created based on the condition, of course) to the user’s list of applications…


Finally, on the application form that the user fills out, you can prepopulate the fields by filling out their Initial content as follows…


Anyway, that’s what I’ve got, and I hope it helps you get down a good path.


I do a have decent understanding of workflows and conditions so I could probably figure it out it would just take my brain a bit of time to formulate everything in my head, I really do appreciate the help you have given me so far by the way.

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No problem at all… happy to try to help.