Possible to build this with BUBBLE?

Dear Bubble community,

my first post here! I recently found out about bubble and want to get working with it soon.

I would like to know if it was possible to build the following:

The company I work for has a few petrol stations, they offer a membership card that lets the holder enjoy a discount on each liter/gallon.
I would like to know if it is possible to build an app with bubble, that lets the customers that have the membership card see their monthly consumption.

The data gets momentairly collected and would be possible to be exported by csv.
The data doesn’t have to be updated in real time, once a month would be absoloutly sufficient!

Thanks already for your feedback!

Yep, that’s totally possible with bubble!

Welcome to Bubble

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Thank you so much for your first feedback! would you be able to tell me what the ongoing costs of such an app would be, taking into considerations bubble and plugins that need to be used to build this.

It doesn’t have to be a precise figure, just an idea to know if it is worth pursuing the project!

Sorry for total noob questions, I’ll catch up, I promise!

Cost depends on how complex you want this to be. If it’s very simple, user login/signup and then “Profile” page which shows consumption and any other stats that come from your CSV (which is updated manually unless there’s a better way) and then an admin page for updating the CSV, then it could likely be built in a day or two, probably less than $1000 for a competent bubbler. You’d have ongoing costs for bubble hosting, likely the Personal ($29/month) or Professional Plan ($129/month), domain cost, etc. If you have a lot of people that have membership cards it may effect things in terms of the amount of processing units or the way CSV uploads take place but probably not in a significant way.

Welcome to bubble!

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@grottofilms thanks so much for this insight!

Well at $1000 you will get a very basic prototype.
If I understand correctly he wants apps too (android/ios).

It all depends on how much you can waste on your project. I have seen simple ideas with tremendous app design and development.

Developers don’t work with the same quality and there are many questions to do before giving a quote (at least me).

Just get off from very cheap “developers” or cis work. All the money you save there you will be paying more looking for others to fix the issues.

I agree on the cheap “developers” part. You get what you pay for. Just my take based on what he outlined, seems straighforward but you don’t really know until you get into functional specs.

Hey Paul,

I work at The Upstarters and we can help you with this. I’ve just messaged you with more details.

Look forward to chatting to you,


Operations Manager