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Is there a way to make an api call dynamic without the '?' symbol?

Is there a way to make an api call dynamic without the ‘?’ symbol?

  1. I’m creating (what I thought was going to be) a simple lorum ipsum generator.
  2. The api is from
  3. An authentication is not required.
  4. Values are passed as part of the URL.
    example: returns
    Twenty paragraphs
    Each paragraph is short

I would like to create a group that is populated by this api.

Thanks for your help!

From (bottom of page)
How do I use the API?

Do a GET request on, to get some placeholder text. You can add extra parameters to specify the output you’re going to get. Say, you need 10 short paragraphs with headings, use All of the possible parameters are:

(integer) - The number of paragraphs to generate.
short, medium, long, verylong - The average length of a paragraph. decorate - Add bold, italic and marked text.
link - Add links.
ul - Add unordered lists.
ol - Add numbered lists.
dl - Add description lists.
bq - Add blockquotes.
code - Add code samples.
headers - Add headers.
allcaps - Use ALL CAPS.
prude - Prude version.
plaintext - Return plain text, no HTML.

Hey @scottb50, check this out:

I think what you may have missed was the data type - needs to be text:

I added an HTML element to the page and used “get data from external API” to retrieve this call:

I used HTML element instead of text because the default call returns HTML, but looks like you can use that “plaintext” parameter to get plain text and use it with regular text elements. Hope this helps!

EDIT: oh and you can change the parameter(s) in the property editor here:

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Worked perfectly. Thank you Gaby!

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