Repeating Group Responsive Issue + A Workaround


I discovered an issue where RG’s were behaving very odd responsively when not in fixed width. I’m talking with Bubble support about this and they’re working on it.

Just wanted to share a workaround in case anyone else was having the same problem. Basically you need to copy an old working RG into your new app, and that will work. I’m using one created in May and that seems to work.

Here’s a page with an example: (Two RG’s with the exact same settings behaving completely different)

I had the same issue while building my last app. I spent hours trying to figure out what I was missing. I ended up literally creating an identical repeating group aside and it worked flawlessly.



Ha, so I’m not the only one that was struggling with this :yum:

Makes me wonder how Bubble is built, seems weird indeed that the same RG behaves differently.

Probably that there is a glitch that occurs under a series of specific conditions. One would have to discover them to be able to reproduce it and file for a bug.

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