Is there other options in case my AWS storage is full?

What do you advise me to do when my AWS storage is full (which is 10 GB on personal plan and 2GB on hobby plan right). I can’t delete any files from my S3 bucket. so once it is full, it is full.

If all you need is more storage, I would pay the $10 per month to add 10GB of storage.

From the pricing page:
You can add capacity or storage to any plan at any time. Capacity is $30 per unit per month, file storage is $10 per 10 GB per month.

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So we are bounded to Bubble for storage? There is no other option? 10$ for 10GB is very expensive compared to AWS, Google, and other options… I want to create an app for courses but storage is a key element for me, as most of my content is High-Quality videos.

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