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Issue with bubble's new responsiveness engine

I managed to get it kind of working after many hours but it’s still buggy. For example when I place a Group Focus it doesn’t lock to the reference element i tell it to… it just sits there… useless. GF’s work as normal on other pages that i haven’t changed to the new engine so I assume its a bug. lot’s of little annoyances too: go to change the GFs size?.. doesn’t change; delete the GF? …still sitting there after being deleted for some reason. The last thing i need is a setback rn. Anyway hope this helps make it get fixed sooner. I’ll walk so ya’ll can run. lol.

Update: the issues are still there but i managed to get it working with the issue in the way. Still needs fixing.

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Hey @jessefarquhar48

Thanks for the post and glad to hear you’re giving our new beta a run for it’s money! We certainly want to hear about any bugs you come up against and the best way to do that is actually through a bug report so we can get all pertinent context about what you’re seeing and when. Mind filling one out whenever you run into something like this?

That being said, I know the team has heard similar reports about Group Focus elements in particular and they’re looking into those now. But, new cases always help us to better understand a particular issue. :slight_smile:

Consider submitting a report and don’t hesitate to reach out with any additional context or questions to [email protected]. And, best of luck with the rest of the build.

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