Issue with collapsing groups

I’m putting together a desktop app that has a blog, I had it working fine where the add new blog group would collapse if it was hidden but I just changed my layout basically to three columns and now it won’t collapse… Also I have a repeating blog with collapsing images but the same is happening, it’s keeping the height of the repeating group cell, even without the image. I know the image and group are not there by looking at the inspector. Help!

@paul.dalpozzo Please share a test page

Can’t understand much from this image please send a link.

Sorry, how do I share a page without sharing the entire app? Trying to keep this project quiet :slight_smile:

try changing the alignment under the responsive view to the left option

It’s definitely the way it’s building the page, it appears to be making a 3 column by 2 row table. If I delete the objects on either side of the blog and preview it it collapses just fine. Is there a way to force it to not layout the page this way? I tried adding all elements in that section of the page to a group but it wouldn’t create it.

Related, is there a limit to how many levels groups can be embedded? Meaning: group inside group inside group…