Need Help! Repeating / collapsing group issue

Hi there! im pretty new to this forum so bare with me.

Im currently working on a social network prototype on bubble. my situation is, im using repeating groups to create the posts, and i have 2 other groups in the repeating groups. Screenshot below for reference! asd|417x499

The group with the image and text is a collapsible group. the blue image icon is to toggle the collapse image manually. that part works. but in the other posts with the image element empty, the group wont collapse, and i have the image icon not visible if the image element is empty. Is there any way i can get the group to collapse in the other posts with no image and keep it automatic?

Many thanks in advance!


Yeea im not the brightest tool in the shed. i solved the issue on me own, all i had to do was make the image and text elements in the collapsible group not visible on page load. oops

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