Issue with group detecting data change

Hi everyone,

I’m having this weird issue whereby a group with a data source set that pulls from a repeating group is not detecting when the source data changes. I’ve recorded a really quick video here:

More than happy to pay for a solution/fix if you can jump in, or any advice is appreciated. This might also be one for @romanmg as it’s based around RepeatingGroup pagination


Hey @help

You can try display data in repeating group when you click the page button as well. This should force a refresh of that data. Just use the same data source.

Try that first, otherwise you might need to do the change page a little differently to get it to work.

Let me know if that works. :blush:

Great design as always! :raised_hands:

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Thanks! Yes that system does work, it’s just building a from item# call to show based on the number of records/times ‘Next’ has been clicked that is proving tricky.

I’ve got a ticket with Bubble, if that doesn’t solve it I’d love to book a 1:1 again with you :slight_smile:

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