Issue with group focus in RG when it's empty

Hello there, I have a Repeating Group with client information.

I’m using a reusable element to edit/delete client information.

Something weird is happening… When I delete a user, there’s no problem, but when I delete THE LAST USER in the RG, the groupfocus appears in the left top corner… I don’t have any conditionalts set to that group to “when RG is empty group focus is visible”… so I don’t know what could be

I used the debugger, but nothing weird was found… so I’m a bit lost…

Home (

that’s the app link

Hi there, @santiagopoli3… I just tested your app, and the issue you described looks like it happens every time a client is deleted, not just when the last client is deleted. I rarely use group focus or reusable elements, so I probably have no idea what I am talking about here. That being said, could it have something to do with not having a workflow step that hides the menu after the delete option is clicked? I mean, it looks like the menu is still showing, but since its associated thing has been deleted, the menu just shows in the upper left-hand corner. What does the delete workflow look like?


I changed that and the problem seems to be solved.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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