Issue with multiple-word options in sidebar menu

I am working on a quote management website, and am having an issue with the subtab.
The sidebar displays all the options from an option set. Now ideally, clicking on an option should bolden it as per a condition I’ve set up, but this only happens if that option is a single word.
It happens correctly for ‘UploadRates’ (when I type it like that), but doesn’t for ‘Submitted Quotes’.
Can someone suggest a solution to this?

Depends on how you’ve set up the condition and the WF to trigger it.
Can you share a little about them?

I have pushed the sidebar options into the URL after the name of the page

All of these options are stored in an option set called ‘servdashboard_sidebar’

Further, the condition is set such as when the URL matches with the clicked option, it will bolden and change the font color.

Now the thing with the spaced words is that the spacebar is written as %20 in the URL, and I can’t seem to find any alternative way to fix this.

Change the data type in the URL’s path to the Option Set ‘servdashboard_sidebar’ that you’re using. I think it’s currently set to type ‘text’.

Then you can change the conditional to Get path from page URL is Current Cell's servdashboard_sidebar

Bubble will handle the details itself