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Issue with using Twilio in Bubble App the first time

Hi @johnny , I am trying to use @copilot 's twilio plugin for 2 way conversations but I am having quite a bit of trouble. I cannot find good information anywhere regarding how to implement it. Would you be able to assist?

Hi @placolla13,

I actually phased all my apps that use Twilio out of CoPilot’s plugin to my own API calls, so I’m not sure that I’m much help in this case :frowning:

Do you have ideas, suggestions or even screenshots on how you created your own APIs to accomplish that?

I just do one way texting

I battled for hours before finding this tip! Well done and thank you for posting this solution.

Hi Zeephonic, are you using 2way messaging with Twilio in your app? I am having issues with receiving messages and was wondering if you could help point me in the right direction if you know