Issues with Bubble App Connector?


Is anybody having issues with Bubble App Connector?

I’ve been using App Connector for months, and it stopped working a few weeks ago. Basically the call doesn’t run the workflow remotely. It’s like it doesn’t reach the endpoint.

The peculiarity is that I’m using App Connector to connect to the same app making the call (only for the time being, it will connect to a different app in the future).

I filed a bug report 11 days ago, and not only I’m still waiting for a solution (only 3 days ago it was actually sent to an engineer), but I have just been told that this week it won’t be addressed due to being Thanksgiving week. The result is that I’m completely blocked. Not impressed.



Same here… everything stopped working. Can’t get any data from flows that used to working. Just general errors at the moment.

One star for this app.

Same issue for me… suddenly stopped working. I likewise can’t get any data from the flows. General Bubble error gets thrown after a timeout. When I look at the console messages, the error would indicate that the endpoint within the called app is not being reached.

Curiously, I am able to get information such as “count”, just not any of the core data. Also, when I make a call to an API workflow (as an Action), it works.

Clearly something is broken. Bug report submitted.


I’m seeing this as well. Can’t access any data from a connected app that was working fine before.

I received confirmation today that the issues was forwarded to an engineer (they asked me to create a simple test page to demonstrate the issue). I also shared this string of posts to let them know that others are having issues. I will keep the group posted on what I hear back.

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We have two apps down because of this issue. Really bad that support have not fixed this yet. Just filed another bug report. We are loosing money every day with this issue.

Support just told me: “our engineering team will be investigating this behavior this week and should have a fix for this soon”. So apparently they have not started to work with this issue yet. I understand that things can go wrong but several weeks of down time… :cry:

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Exactly this same. Still no working after one week.

did this happen at about the same time there was the cloudflare integration?

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I think, this was not relates to cloudflare integration.
This was getting timeout, that’s why this is not working. Default timeout is 30 seconds.
@eve Please check this issue.

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Since Bubble haven’t looked at this issue since they said an engineer would look at it, and since it’s been 27 days since I originally opened the issue, I decided to try things out myself.

I deleted the api key that the App Connector used and created a new one. Now it’s working. I hope this helps you guys.

Thanks Support.

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Hello everyone,

A fix for this should be going live today; if you reached out to our Support team, you should receive an email from us once it’s up and running.


The fix for this issue is now live; please do reach out to our team at if you’re still seeing issues with the app connector.

Great Thanks :slight_smile:
Working great.

Given the downtime, I implemented the functionality I needed via the API connector versus the Bubble connector.

From a performance and scalability perspective, is one approach better than the other? Trying to figure out if it is worth the effort to go back to using the Bubble connector now that it is fixed.

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