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Issues with Phone Number verification from Twilio API connectivity

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I’m new to the entire idea of app development. I was very happy to find this point-and-click platform, so far I’m stuck with this Twilio API issue
I’ve designed the form that asks for the user’s phone number in a field and has a “Next” button that will kick off a workflow. I’ve also designed the next page where they’ll need to enter the code or resend a code if they need to, I’m using the Bubble Api connector plugging, and after read, all previous same issues in this forum back in 2017, is impossible for me do it correctly.

I’ve signed up an account on Twilio and chosen a phone number, I’ve tested and received codes from Twilio so far without problems, but is IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME to do it from the Bubble app.

Some here can send me a video to my email or display here screenshot step by step to fix this Issue