Join waitlist with web3 wallet + referral

Hi! :slight_smile: I’m thinking of creating a landing page with a gamified “join waitlist” feature: You join and a referral link is generated, then you share your referral link, and the more users that end up on the waitlist via your referral link, the higher you rank on the waitlist.

I’ve previously done this with Prefinery (free), so it works with email addresses (in order to join the waiting list, you enter your email address, then you get a referral link). Easy.

But what if, instead of entering an email address, I want users to enter the gamified waitlist by logging in with a web3 wallet (e.g. Metamask)? I know there are Bubble plugins to create a “login with Metamask” feature, but do you know how to attach the gamified/referral part to it?