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Keeping App Dock positioned relative to bottom centre

Hi, I’m making a fake mac style operating system for a little puzzle game I’m building (see image).

I’m hitting a problem when making my page responsive.

I want a dock to stay at the center bottom of the screen regardless of the screen size (I won’t know my users screen resolution).

The problem being if I make the dock a floating group then it doesn’t adjust horizontally as its always floating relative to the left or right.

If I try other techniques (e.g. having the screen in a column layout) it doesn’t stay positioned relative to the bottom.

Can anyone kindly help me keep the dock centred and at the bottom?



If you are not using the new responsive feature than this link will show you how to keep it centered and fixed to the bottom. (see index page)

This can also be achieved with less nested groups using the new responsive (see page “new_responsive”).

Thank you rmoffett, I knew there would be a straight forward way to do but I couldn’t find it. You’ve saved me a huge amount of time. I really appreciate it!


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