Klippa OCR API - extract data on receipts, invoices

With the powerful Klippa OCR SDK, we can extract data on receipts, invoices. The API is really fast and I would like to showcase it to other Bubble Dev’s.

The plugin is approved.

You can test the Plugin here and see if you like it!

The Klippa OCR API is available for a price per scan model or a monthly license fee.


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  • The Klippa OCR API is available for a price per scan model or a monthly license fee

Sounds good! Great.

All I see is a circle spinning

Thanks @JohnMark

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I think the video is not loading then on your side. You could just click on the page itself.

Great) could you specify if this plugin can cover my usecase?
In my app I have a lot of incoming PDF / Word documents (CV-s from 1 job-board, all of CV-s have the same structure).
I need to arrange a recuring workflow which will extract data from these PDF-s/doc-s files and apload this data to corresponding database sections

This is intented for documents related to invoices or receipts. For resumes there are other solutions.

Send me a PM if you want to discuss.

Plugin is launched on the marketplace today. Don’t forget to request a key from Klippa.

Version 1.1: Added the ability to Parse EU Passport Documents in GIF, PNG, JPG, PDF or TIFF file.

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Hey @nocodeventure, sorry for the late reply. Its not something I need at the moment, but I think the plugin is a useful implementation and will certainly be handy. And with the recent update I’ve seen with the passport documents, I’m sure people will find a good use case.

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Thanks, I appreciate the constructive feedback!

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The Klippa OCR API is available for a price per scan model or a monthly license fee.

Hi, thanks for the demo and the tool, sound great. I must have one question, is that possible to use it from a picture uploader?

Hi Vincent,

I’m not sure what your use-case is. You can always refer to the URL of a picture uploader.

How does this work in the Backend Workflows? I’m trying it, and keep getting a 400 error.
Use case is:

A web hook uploads the file to Bubble
Once uploaded, it then sends the File to Klippa in the Backend Workflow.

Can’t seem to get it to work. Any ideas would be great @nocodeventure


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Sorry about that, I will update the docs for it asap. In the meanwhile please have a look at this page below as it outlines similarly how to do it for Klippa’s webhook.


If you still encounter issues, send me a message and we’ll book a meeting together to solve the issue for you.


Thanks for your quick reply.
I’m not planning on using Klippas web hook.
At the moment, theres a webhook that creates a new financial document in Bubble, then uploads the file.

I’d like a Backend Workflow to then send that file to Klippa, then get the data back and fill the fields in Bubble.

I’ve got the Webhook working, where it uploads the file to Bubble, but I’m now struggling to send that file to Klippa in the Backend.

Any ideas would be super appreciated!


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The easiest way would be to send an email with the attachment to your Klippa e-mail. It’s like a digital shoebox for your receipts. You might need a PDF converter before actually uploading a document.

Check your server Logs to see why you have that error.