Knack API Image Data Loading Slow

First of all, HUGE love for Bubble once again. As a non-coder, I have learned so much on this platform.

Including (finally) connecting my bubble app to our data in Knack via the API Connector. I’ve been putting it off because I had the idea that it would be really difficult and time-consuming but Bubble comes through once again.

However, now that it is connected, the page loads immediately but I’m getting a 12-second delay before my data shows up. The debugger said I could shave 8 seconds off by adding two units of capacity so I used a boost and it dropped about 2 seconds off.

We are bringing in around 100 records with 3-4 images each so I filtered those down by half on the Knack side and it cut my load time in half (go figure :rofl: ).

The workflow is: Page Is Loaded > Set Custom State from External API

The RG data source is then pulled from that custom state.

Is there a magical way to cut down on the load time besides filtering down the amount of records coming in?