Deleted Fields Used in Workflows Should Throw Errors

@Bubble - I noticed that a deleted field that’s used in a Workflow does not throw an error. Instead the workflow simply displays the name of the deleted field followed by “-deleted” in blue (i.e. no error is indicated). This makes it very difficult to debug errors caused by deleted fields and it would be great if Bubble threw an error for all Workflows that contain deleted fields, including API Workflows please. Thanks!

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They don’t show up as issues because you can still restore them. They’re not technically deleted:

Here’s a clever solution:

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Respectfully, I disagree with this approach. I think deleted fields should throw errors unless they are either (1) not used or (2) restored (i.e. un-deleted). The current implementation seems very error prone and I can’t think of an instance why someone would want a deleted field utilized in the app, can anyone? Thanks again!


Oh I agree with you. I’ve never had a reason to keep the connections once the field has been “deleted” - I’d rather see errors come up too.


We are faced with the same problems. Completely agree with all. The deleted fields should cause errors. Otherwise, it’s just hell to find and fix it all manually.

Now we are trying to solve this problem and it’s very hard. We are still in search of a simpler solution.


I’ve been using the field-finding process mentioned earlier: rename the deleted field and then search for it with the App Search Tool (magnifying glass in upper right) > Uses Field. That way you can just go through the entire app and replace every instance.


yes, we already understood this. Thank you so much.

This is still not the best way, as it seems to us. But, developers know better, because they see all the details and all the problems from above.