KYC - issues with database


I need to conduct KYC check on my sellers before they gain access to the profile. I’ve added a data filed under User called KYC (Yes / NO). If their KYC value = Yes they can progress onto the two factor authentication step, if not, they get a message that their account is under review.

The issue is that I have manually updated a test account to have KYC value = Yes, but when I run this using the Debugger it says the KYC value = no?

It seems the database is not updating when I manually change inputs. Any idea what I can do?



Hi, Mike… it’s hard to say what could be going on without seeing your exact setup, but if it helps, I just replicated the exact scenario you have described, and I had no problem popping up a “Your account is under review.” alert based on a KYC value of no. Then, I manually changed the KYC value of the user to yes, and I got past the alert message. So, the issue you are running into isn’t related to manually changing the value of that field in the db.

If you want to share some additional screenshots of your setup and/or a link to the editor, I’d be happy to try to help figure it out. Or, who knows, maybe someone else will come along and know exactly what is going on without looking at anything else, but that someone isn’t me. :slight_smile:


Thanks I figured it out - I hadnt logged my user on so wasn’t able to pull their relevant data!

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

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I have created a tutorial on how to build integrate video kyc during the signup process. Maybe it can be useful for your use case.

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