Leave an area option


I’m trying to create an app for the mobile devices and i’m stuck.
Can someone explain me how to get notified when you/your phone leaves an area you set before?

Thank you for your help.

well you need to use

that returns GPS coordinates

then you need to compare your GPS coordinates you set

then triger alert when your condition is fulfilled

I can suggest two ways.

  1. Use Location detection plugin plus distance between coordinates plugin. Set up workflow every minute (or any other period of time) check users location. You will get user’s coordinates. Then calculate distance to the central coordinates of the area. Once the maximum distance is exceeded it is the event - user left the area.

  2. If you need more precise area description, you might want to use one of the maps plugins where you can draw poligons. You can use the actions of those plugins relating to poligons. Consider Extended Google Maps plugging or Leafy maps.