(legacy) Rich text editor from Bubble : how to remove font selection?

Hello all,

I am wonder if there’s a way to remove or hide the font selector from the rich text editor (legacy) tool bar…

Indeed, in order to ensure consistency within my bubble platform, I would like to let the user to use bold, italic, underline selector, but I’d prefer them to not change the font. Moreover, the global font of my platform is Public Sans, and this font type is not available in the fonts selection drop-down…

Any tip would be awesome!
Many thanks!

You can do that with the new beta version of the rich text editor: https://bubble.io/plugin/rich-text-editor-1580238841425x582072028873097200

It’s in beta mode right now but it seems like it will do what you want.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Many thanks @J805, yeah it seems I’ll get what I want with this beta plugin! :+1:t2:

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Glad that helped! :blush:

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