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Link From Repeating Cell

Looking to have information presented in a Repeating Group that can be linked to another page. Essentially, the user can click/tap anywhere within a ‘cell’ and that would link out. Could that be with a hidden element? Something else? Or do I have to have an element (image, text, etc) with the link workflow attached to it? I’d love to have the “click anywhere within” functionality…

Thanks in advance!

Have a transparent shape fill the entire cell. When the shape is clicked > navigate away.


I usually create a group that all cell contents would be contained within, it is the full width and height of the repeating group cell. The group data source would be the repeating group cell.

You can then also easily handle things like;
Hover colour changes
Cell clicking and navigation

If you were listing for example a collection of Invoices you could then navigate to a View Invoice page, and send the underlying invoice unique ID or the Invoice thing as the additional data to take you straight into the view of the invoice.

I have a notification RepeatingGroup, that has a Notification type that can handle different types of object. As you can’t pass different types of things into it, this is when you would use the unique ids to pass around.

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Awesome! Thanks romanmg and DaveA.