LinkedIn Plugin Caching Previous User?

Hi, I’m using the LinkedIn Plugin. I have it working however I have very weird behavior.

When using a normal browser mode (currently Chrome) no matter what I put into the Login page, it logs me in with the previous user that’s already registered in my applications database (even if I delete that user from my database and have 0 users). When I shift and use incognito / private mode then the logins fail as they should.

On the surface it looks like the “Signup / Login with LinkedIn” step is just pushing forward with the last successful LinkedIn login it can remember from some cache somewhere. For example, if I put absolute garbage into the username and password field, it somehow successfully logs me in as the one successful user I used yesterday. How can I validate the API return for the LinkedIn plugin as I’m guessing that has failed but the workflow doesn’t know and the “Current User” somehow defaults back to the one that I used yesterday?

Is there a way to flush the Current User so I’m certain that none of this data is available between sessions?

Very confused by this behavior. Any ideas?

Thanks - SAA

Were you able to figure this out? I have a bug report open with Bubble about this issue but on the Facebook Plugin.

It appears it is Caching the previous user in the same way you saw with the LinkedIn Plugin.

No. However, I did switched to using the Bubble API Connector plugin and reusing a LinkedIn API someone else had created in it. It is quite slow, but it has been reliable enough that I’m launching with it.

Here are the settings I have.

Bubble API Connector
API: LinkedIn

Then in my workflow…

Step 1 is the actual login and then Step 2 in the workflow ends up holding all of the users LinkedIn information that you can access. For me, there is about 1-3 seconds between the login and the users details showing on my header.