Linking fields to parent data type...current page thing?

Hello Everyone,

I’m a new bubbler and have hit a major roadblock with my database/workflow structure…

The application consists of one large form that progresses through inputs/dropdowns/date pickers using conditional hiding rules and workflows.

The database is set up with 4 data types: Deal, Property, Loan Structure, Borrower. The data type Deal has 3 fields:

Property, type Property
Loan Structure, type Loan Structure
Borrower, type User

The Property, Loan Structure and Borrower data types have many fields that all autobind with the correct input in the form.

The goal is to have the Borrower progress through the form and create a unique Deal. That deal should be connected to a corresponding Property, Loan Structure and Borrower but right now it is not associating with that parent deal… here is how I have the workflows set up:

When the page is loaded, a Deal is created and data from that deal creation step is displayed in the right groups.

There is also a workflow to display data in each thing’s group:

The element hierarchy and type of content/data source are:

New_Application Page: Type of Content=Deal
Group Application: Type of Content=Deal, Data Source=Current Page Deal
Property Group: Type of Content=Property, Data Source=Parent Group’s Deals Property

Property’s, Loan Structures and Borrowers are being created in the database but they aren’t linked together. Any idea how to structure this so they associate with each other?

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Hello @maxwelja, You sound like you want to create a NEW thing called Deal when the page is loaded. Your are however using values from current page Deal, I am not sure if you have a way to send data to this page on page load. I am also not sure if this is a good strategy because even a page refresh will create a new Deal.

You can have your data types as they are. However you may need to provide your user with a way of selecting Loan Structure, Property and Borrower maybe via dropdown. Then you can send this data to the page where you are creating the new deal.

You can then create new Deal and pass these parameters via Get data from page URL