Linking user data address inputs

Hi all

I am entirely new to Bubble and have zero coding experience. However I want to build an app based on an idea I have.
What I am looking to achieve is finding a way that when a user adds an address that matches another users address input that it connects these together and shows this in a visual to both parties.
I don’t know how to enable this in Bubble and how to set up the connections.
Any help for a novice to try would be greatly appreciated.

What kind of connection are you referring to? Do you want to connect the addresses with a line? Or are you wanting to make it so the two users are connected to each other through some kind of messaging system?

Basically I when a user identifies they are selling their property and the other person is buying their property it begins to create a live chain which expands when the selling and buying house address is the same.

do you have an example from an existing app…I’m not sure what the live chain is

Unfortunately I don’t. Let me try and explain a little clearer.
3 People are buying/selling homes.
Person 1 (new in the housing market) isn’t selling a property but has had an offer accepted on 1 The House, The Road (made up address!)
Person 2 is selling 1 The House, The Road and is buying a property, 23 The Avenue, The Street.
Person 3 is selling 23 The Avenue, The Street and that’s a second home so isn’t buying another.
Person 1 starts the chain and person 3 ends it.
When those users add the detail of their respective purchase/sales into the site - I want to be able to link those users together to create a visual property chain.
The site will need to link the inputted addresses and where they match give them access to the same view within the site.
Does that make it any clearer?