Links to specific posts in a Repeating Group?

I have a simple directory application, that displays user submissions in a repeating group “post” (see included image). I am wondering if it is possible for the items in the repeating group to have unique links. I would like to enable users to “share” posts from the repeating group to different social media platforms (facebook, twitter, etc.), but, to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think that can happen without being able to somehow link back to specific repeating group items. Has anyone run into this before? What’s the best way to enable the sharing of individual repeating group items? Is it even possible?



It’s actually quite easy to get a unique link for a specific item in your database, you just have to create a page with type of content = your database datatype

For each line in your table a page will be generated with the url or if the slug is empty.

You can then use that page link to your share button in the RG.

Hope my explaination is clear enough, tell me if it isnt :slight_smile:

I think I understand. But for what you described, each “post” in my repeating group would have its own individual page, correct? ( or something like that. I’m guessing I would have to style the page for that database item vs. being able to link to the actual “post” in the repeating group…

That’s correct.

You only need to style the page once with your “posts” variables.

We did this for every “bike repairer” on our app, it was actually quite easy.

Here is what the page looks like in the editor:

And here is the actual page for a specific “bike repairer”

Oh wow, it came out great! I’m going to give this a shot. I wanted to do it eventually anyway to allow users to post screenshots to their page. Thank you!

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