List in app not loading completely, lists a few then hangs for ever


dunno if its a server error or what but my app which worked perfectly 2 days ago has started screwing up last 2 days, and I haven´changed anything. The app loads a list of items and it loads the first few ok. The total of the list is also shown correctly, but the list doesn´t load all the way, omnly the first few items. When it tries to continue loading the rest it just remains with the spinning icon as though its still oading. I left it for a good 10 minutes and it didn´t load anything else. This happened yesterday, then sorted itself out on its own in the night. But today it´s happening again. I´m a premium user so not sure what could be happening. I checked status of bubble and it says all systems are fine. I need to get the list urgently as my clients are waiting :frowning: Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


Does switching the type of list help? From full list, to scrolling or something else?
Did the amount of items perhaps change? Issue in live and dev the same?

Thanks, full list sorted the problem :slight_smile:

Another question: when i deploy live version do i keep the data i´ve entered in the development version? and does it keep every time i update the version?

As in: I have a list of clients in development version. I deploy as live. In a month´s time i wanna change smthg in the app so i go to development version again. i do the updates and reploy as live. Will the data keep trhoughout the whole process?


Data in dev and live are completely separate. Unless you copy the database from one to another, they never get shared:

So keep this in mind when your app relies on a predefined dataset. If it is not copied to live, it might look like stuff doesnt work. I tend to only use the copy stuff from Live to Dev and never the other way around. When I need something in Live, I just upload a csv to the data type.

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