Live deployment with 2 version

Good morning all,
I wonder before doing anything stupid about the development versions and live.

My configuration:
I have a Live version which is synchronized with a Dev1 version, I am currently working on a Dev2 version with changes to the tables and the interface, etc.


  • I have to put the Dev2 live in order to do some tests? In case of error, how to safely revert to the basic version (Dev1).
    Just put the Dev1 live or use a live backup?
  • I do not understand everything about this synchronization story, is it mandatory to synchronize a verion before uploading it?

My goal is to be able to alternate at the live level between Dev1 and Dev2 and be able to go back to Dev 1 in case of problems, which is stable.

Thank you in advance for your answers because I’m a little afraid to get started.

Nobody :sweat_smile:

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