Live vs Dev ? wath is

Hi making a internal app for work , way go live database ?

wath is the diffrent ?

Do a must go live ? a put about 20 new feald a day…

Dev version and database is only available on your application during testing. You can only access this data through the /version-test of your website.

The live database is accessible as soon as the system is “deployed to live”. The difference is that when you make an update to your system on the bubble editor your application (eg; will update immediately. On the contrary your “live” app ( will not have those updates until you manually deploy it to the live database.

This is important because you do not want to be forcing the user to refresh every single time you make an update.

So that mens is not a must to go live, to save data en stuff that other user saving to the DB. a can run dev mode all the time ?

Hi there, @tradspecialisterna… no, it is not a must that you go live. Like cliffwoodjames said, things could get interesting if you are making changes to the application while people are trying to use it because they will have to keep refreshing the page to get the latest updates. But again, you don’t have to go live. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you are on the free plan, you are limited to only being able to store 200 things across your data types. So, if you don’t want to push to live because you don’t want to move to a paid plan, well, that’s not going to work out because you are going to hit the database limitation at some point, and then you will have to upgrade.


Iam on a paid plan :slight_smile: ,A dont like the DB switch, Live ore dev … if a on live some data, a dev some data…

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