Loading for repeating group

So at the moment loading for my repeating group isn’t ideal and I’ve read a couple different forums and they’re having the same issues, once you get to the bottom of my repeating and there are still more groups to load it only loads the groups one group at a time and that can get frustrating if there are 50+ more groups to load.

Is there no way to load repeating groups faster?

Example: After groups are loaded and user gets to the bottom of repeating group load 20 more groups.

Similar to how bubble loads forum questions.

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The loading speed is probably being limited by the search necessary to fill the next cell(s). If it’s slow then the display will be slow.

Also, the Bubble forum isn’t written in Bubble. It’s actual forum software.

All repeating groups big or small have this issue for external vertical scrolling, speed isn’t exactly the issue it’s how the repeating group loads one cell at a time once a user gets to the bottom of the repeating group and the repeating group has to load the rest of the cells

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