Loading spinner on "no pages" native app

I have an app based on a hidden/showed groups, so no pages.
I wanted to know if you guys know a solution to create a loading spinner when all of the elements in the page are not loaded yet.

For example, I have a text in a group that loads slower because it’s a “search for”. How do I detect this, to show a loading icon ?

Thank you !


Hi there,

You can try using the ‘Current Page Has Loaded’ condition and then hide/show a spinner graphic/icon based on that resulting as ‘no’. We do this in AnnounceFly (www.announcefly.com if you want to see) as a preloader so when the page is loading or repeating groups are loading we use the ‘is loaded’ condition to show a nice preloader graphic.

Let me know if that helps,

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Yes your solution works but only if there are multiples pages. I only have groups. So the loader shows only at the beginning.
Is there no event that checks if “when elements are loading” show loader ?

PS: I don’t see this event, there are “Page has loaded above fold”, “Page has loaded (entire)” in the “only when” condition. And an event “Page is loaded” but there is no opposite condition.
Am I supposed to do a “Do when - everytime” ?


The issue with the one page set up, with lots of groups is you can only use the “page is loaded” state once when the app initially loads.

You could have a custom event triggered when the user navigates to another group that shows a “loading group” that covers the screen and shows a spinning loader, then add a pause in the workflow before hiding it again.

Not a perfect solution, but the easiest.

Try fast popups (bdk) plugin. Recommend checking out this thread:

Thanks, the question is : does it detect when elements are not loaded yet ?

Example: I have a group called “Profil” that displays all user’s infos when the state “user” has a value.
So each time the group is loaded, some infos have to be updated depending on the “user” state. So, the profil pic, name etc… but right now, there is a little flash screen when you can see the previous infos without transition. Is it possible to show a loader before ALL elements are loaded in a group ? (I have only one page)

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