Log in using just your cell phone number

Is there any way I can get the cell phone number of the person accessing the page?

I want to use this number as a login.

A bit more info might help.

Is the user logged in? Do you store their phone #?

There have been threads on letting users register without an email, but it would require overriding a lot of the default security Bubble gives you.

I will have a database with a list of cell phone numbers. These numbers will be associated with the system user. So, when the person enters the login page with their cell phone, Bubble would get the cell phone number, check if it is registered and if so, it would assign that user to that connection. All without asking for email and password.

By default, Bubble uses email for authentication.

Like what @firstfifteensoftware said, you would be overriding the security bubble provides natively - especially if you don’t properly build it assuming you found a way to enable authentication via phone numbers.

There have been a couple of discussions in the forum about this. Here are some topics that I found which may be helpful to you.

Hope this helps

This means no security whatsoever on the app - which may fit your use case.

To summarize all those posts, here’s the simplest way to use phone # instead of email and not override Bubble’s security (Warning: it’s a workaround): Login user using phone number only - #4 by gaurav?

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Nice find!
You can achieve same thing just within flows, no need for a hidden field these days.

Just have them signup with phone

On signup workflow append @yourdomain.com to end of phone number.

On signup in flow do the same thing.

Pass reset & email confirm etc will need custom flows setup but pretty easy to move over. You’ll preserve the usage of all privacy rules, backend auth, etc this way.