Logic behind visible/hidden elements into groups

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is it normal that for every single group (intended as page) that I show/hide I have to take each single element inside the group and define it’s show/hide condition depending on if the page is visible or not? I think it should be automatic this reaction since their parent, the group, is hidden/visible.

I’m developing a “native” app with group-to-group navigation.


I’m a little confused. Hiding a group does hide it’s children.

If each item on the group/page is set to visible then when the group is visible they’ll be visible.

If items are set to hidden on the group/page, then they’ll be hidden no matter whether the group/page is hidden or visible.

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@sridharan.s what do you mean with “set to visible”?

I don’t want to load all of them on “the element is visible on page’s loading”. Otherwise there would be a huge amount of stuff loading at the same time when the user open the page, since i’m making the whole app on a single page.

If an element is set to be visible on page load, but is in a group that’s hidden, then the element itself will also be hidden.

So, when you want all of the elements on a “page” to appear at once, set them all to be visible on page load and just set that group/page to be visible based on the correct conditions. The elements will have same visibility as the group if they’re set to be visible on page load.

As you have read in previous responses, if an element is a child of the group and the group is hidden all its children will be hidden.
If that is not the behaviour that you see, check whether the elements are truly children of the group. It is possible that in the editor the children look “inside” the group but they may not be.

Two ways of checking this quickly:
a) move the child a bit within the confines of the group. You should see the group’s borders go red, indicating that the child is indeed a child.

b) find the group in the element tree and see if the object is shown as a child of the group (s/b indented) or is at the same level.

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Ook guys, I understand your answer.

My final question is: how bad is performance-talking, to load all (many many) elements at once on page Load?



any final answer on this? So I will close the thread with a conclusion, for all who will read it in the future.

Thanks a lot

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