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Login popup closes as soon as it opens

I can’t seem to figure out why but when I click Login or Sign up, the pop-up opens and then immediately closes.

Hide Element is not in the Workflow. I am using a Floating Group on the page but it is “Sent to Back” and I set the popup to “Send to Front” so I don’t think it’s a z-index issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Could you share a link?

Hi - thanks for the reply. Here’s the link:

Could you make it public for the time being?

OK it’s open for now - click on login or sign up to see the issue.

You have a hide action in the reusable element off the same button click. I didn’t change anything so that you could see it and remove it yourself. It’s there for both button clicks.

I used the App Search Tool to find any Hide actions and it revealed both of them. See screenshot:

Thank you so much. I looked over and over for the hide action but I was looking in the popup workflow not the buttons.

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