Lost setting up API Workflow


I’m pretty new to using API’s but I’m trying to set up an external user login in Adalo, but when running a test I keep getting the below message. I believe I’ve set up the right parameters but I guess I’m missing something. Help is appreciated!

“statusCode”: 400,
“body”: {
“status”: “MISSING_DATA”,
“message”: “Missing parameter for workflow login: parameter email”

You can checkmark “Query string” in your bubble api workflow in-front of the parameters and it should work, but you should be sending the email and password in the body of the payload from Adalo not as query parameters.

Yea I figured it out! However what do you mean by the last bit? Learning as I go here so what you’re saying doesn’t really make that much sense to me (yet). I followed the Adalo tutorial when doing this , they used query parameters as well…